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December 28, 2022

Quetta-born Hassan Ali Kasi is a prolific Qari-ul-Quran and religious personality. He’s been making waves in religious circles since 2007 when he became the youngest reciter of the Holy Quran. 


He was just eight years old when he embarked on his stately career, gaining recognition with his memorization and recitation of the Holy Quran. Hassan came third at the Turkey International Quran Competition, an achievement that earned him accolades from prominent figures such as the Core Commander of Balochistan, Lt. General Nasser Khan Janjua.


The talented young reciter learned the rules of the Holy Quran (Tajweed) from his father, Qari Syed Muhammad Basit, and has since learned a lot of other recitation styles from his uncle, Qari Muhammad Ibrahim Kasi.


Once he’d memorized the Holy Quran, Hassan Ali Kasi continued his education and proceeded to graduate with honors. He finished college in Quetta, then moved to Islamabad to continue his religious studies from the International Islamic University Islamabad. Hassan took his lessons in Arabic, staying true to the Quranic language. He’s not only trilingual, though. He is fluent in four other languages as well: English, Pashto and Deutsch German.


Hassan started participating in various international competitions from a young age and has been the recipient of numerous awards. As a result, he has traveled to several countries around the world, such as Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and Germany, among others. He traveled to these countries when he was just 20 years old to lead Salat-al-Taraweeh and participate in International Holy Quran Competitions and Programs. He has continually distinguished himself and his country in these competitions and services abroad.


Let’s look at some of the prestigious awards that he has brought home. Hassan repeatedly scored first place in the ongoing Mega Qirat Competition from 2012-2014. He also secured first place in the National Hifz and Qirat Competition in 2011, 2012 and 2016. Hassan went on to win a Gold Medal for Best Reciter of the Holy Quran by the Chief Minister of Balochistan, Abdul Quddus Bizenjo in 2018. His most recent accolades were winning a spot in the World’s Top 100 Holy Quran Reciters in 2019 for the Katara International Quran Competition, and getting fourth place in the Al-Kawthar TV International Quran Competition in 2020.


Hassan has been distinguishing himself for a very young age and will ostensibly continue to do so in the future. We hope to see more young men and women follow in Hassan’s footsteps by memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran.


Here is a complete list of Hassan’s accolades:


  • Recipient of the National Youth Award in the field of Qiraat 2021
  • 1st Position in International Holy Quran recitation competition Afghanistan 2021
  • 4th Position in Al-Kawthar Tv International Quran Competition 2020 
  • World Top 100 Holy Quran Reciters (Katara International Quran Competition) 2019 
  • Gold Medal for Best Reciter of Holy Quran by Chief Minister of Balochistan Abdul Quddus Bizenjo 2018 
  • 35th International Quran Competition Iran 2018 
  • 3rd Position in Turkey International Quran Competition 2013 
  • 1st Position in Dunya News Azan Competition 2014 Hayya Alal Falah 
  • 1st Position in Pakistan Television Network (HUSSN-E-QURAAN) 2014 
  • 1st Position in 27th National Hifz and Qirat Competition 2011 
  • 1st Position in 28th National Hifz and Qirat Competition 2012 
  • 1st Position in 32nd National Hifz and Qirat Competition 2016 
  • 1st Position in Pakistan Army National Qirat Competition Swat 2013 
  • 1st Position in Ary Digital National Qirat Competition 2012 
  • 2nd Position in Dunya News Muqabla Husne Qirat 2012 
  • 1st Position in Mega Qirat Competition APSACS 2012 
  • 1st Position in Mega Qirat Competition APSACS 2014 
  • 1st Position in Mega Qirat Competition Garrison Academy Quetta Cantt 2012 
  • Best Holy Quran Reciter of Region by Pakistan Television Quetta Centre